My name is María Rodríguez Cadenas. I am a spanish architect who after five years

of professional experience in Germany is currently back and is developing her work in Spain.


I was born on 1th May 1988 in an Island at the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Spain called Gran Canaria and I think,

growing up in such a special place with a lot of diferent influences has teached me

how to apreciatte the beauty of the simple things, the importance of the nature

and to be sensitive with the territory around me.

 Architecture for me is the way to create in people's everyday life, as it improves their life environment, 

solves problems and makes them feel emotions in the spaces that they daily live.

At the moment what pay my attention is to find new collaborations as an architect

working on the Canary Islands locally but, still having the aim of thinking globally.

Please, feel free to find my architecture Portfolio and other projects at this link below

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